PennApps Mentoring

We think hackathons should be about learning and meeting new people, so we’re here to make it happen. Read all about our initiatives, and join us for a new kind of mentoring experience!

Beginner Guides

To help you learn to hack and learn new technologies, we have our archive of tech talks and guides developed by the team on lots of useful topics.

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Dining Philosophers Resources

PennApps has teamed up with the Dining Philosophers (Penn’s CS club) to teach new hackers the basics of hacking! The Dining Philosophers has a bunch of homegrown workshops and tutorials on all sorts of useful subjects for new hackers like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Click here to see all the information from the tutorials, including slides, and code samples. We particularly recommend the Code Weekend series of workshops that are a brilliant intro to Web Development.

Workshops at PennApps

At PennApps there will be several events for our new hackers. Friday night, we’ll be having some intro to hacking talks on topics like web design, Android, iOS, Arduino, Civic Hacking and Design. There will be even more workshops Saturday afternoon on Ruby, Gotta code ‘em all, and deploying your apps to the Appstore or the web through Heroku.

There will also be a team formation event on Friday for both Hacker Guru teams and regualr teams. You’ll be able to find mentors in the Mentor Hub (Engineering Cafe) for most of the weekend!

Other Resources

You can find other resources for Routes and from our sponsors at our Resources Page.